To Learn At School

The class rooms are so boring
I secretly sometimes resort to snoring
I will doze off little and look around
The students with same tendencies are found

Even though so much is to be learnt at school
I always think about a person who is very fool
Then they say he was reformed and made a sensible
His life was changed and now he was perfect and capable

Such stories are filled daily in our ears
We will be here quietly for many more years
Sometimes I am gripped with unknown fear
And sometimes filled with joy friends who are very dear

As the day start with prayers in concessions
Lot many lectures are delivered with promises
Many good advises on alertness and misses
But more attention on study in classes

The morning hours are considered good for studies
The lectures are easily picked and shared with everyone
But as the days start focusing the laziness starts
The attention is diverted and comes to some parts

All students want some change with schedule
They will add some joy by adding some fuel
They may pull shirts or pinch from the back rows
The front row boys will suffer most and wait to retaliate now

As girl I will do the same when they are off the attention
I will pass some low voice remark and wait for its retention
They will have fear for the want of some complaints against
I will go on more with the same and repeatedly insure

If I am more annoyed then I will throw some arrow
I will call them by some names merely to allow
Still they will not respond and keep quiet
I will not rest until they respond and request

I will twist my tongue in mouth
Take it top, bottom, north and south
Make move with some different sound
Until they relent happily and come round

This too infuriate me and I aggravate it further
I do not care for their sentiments or bother
It gives me enough irritation when I see them smiling
On teacher's arrival I presume to be busy and start filing

This place is called worship and I too believe
I consider it better place to spend and live
How many more faces we come across and see
The comfort and shed to all as afforded by tree

I hear elders to narrate their experience
They may have observed it with variance
I too feel it sweet and bitter but still amusing
I am still pushed to school even if insist on refusal

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