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Fitness For the Home Activist

Aside from the more popular fitness machines available for the home such as exercise bikes or cross trainers there are other little additions which are cheap to buy but provide very useful ways to economically augment your home gym set up. One example is a simple chin up bar which […]

Best Fitness Media and Technology

What everybody needs to understand about today’s world, is that technology, especially social technology and or media is playing a huge role in how we motivate, educate and see ourselves. I would like to discuss a few of these different options of media, because they definitely have a role to […]

Fitness on the Heart

Your heart is the key to life. Having a bum ticker isn't something that anyone is looking for. Some people have a naturally bad heart, but in most cases it is because people are out of shape. Regular activity and a good exercise program is what it takes to improve […]

Fitness After 50

You bet, and your heart will thank you too. The number one cause of death in women over 65 is heart disease. In fact more women over 65 will die from a heart attack than all other cancers combined. That's a pretty astonishing statistic. The good news is you can […]

Inside The Fitness Studio

Thinking about getting in shape? If you're interested in working one on one with a personal trainer the small niche fitness boutiques located in and around Santa Barbara provide an abundance of choices both in the environment and training approaches featured in the different facilities. Recently I visited a number […]