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Fixing The Thumper Mini Pro2

Stop The Presses! I just received an e-mail concerning a mechanical problem with a Thumper massager. A gentleman was asking me if I knew about possible places to get a malfunctioning Thumper unit back to working condition. At that moment in time, I did not have any answers for this […]

PVC Clothing and Lingerie Care

Most lingerie sets need particular washing care due to their more delicate quality and material variety compared to other clothing. Underwear care can be divided into three stages washing care drying care and storage care. When you wash your lingerie, remember that underwear items are very fine-spun under garments that […]

iPhone Repair Service

iPhone repair services have been developed to help you repair your iPhone when it breaks or malfunctions. Not having to pay the cost of a brand new unit is a life saver for some and allows you to keep your existing unit in pristine condition. If you compare the price […]