Times Square – The Ultimate Shopping and Entertainment Venue


Amidst Hong Kong's Causeway Bay is Times Square, a massive shopping mall and an office complex denoting sheer magnificence and elegance of Modern Hong Kong. Due to the modern and high-tech amenities located within these iconic twin towers, Times Square is known as one of the ten most popular tourist destinations in Hong Kong. These 46 and 39 story complexes flaunt a gigantic 900,000 square feet of retail space which includes the largest car park in Causeway Bay. The twin towers rising high above the city immediately grasps the attention of those who enter the city, so it can be easily located.

The complex is considered as the first vertical mall in Hong Kong and distinguishes itself from the common shopping mall structures. A multi cinema complex with state of the art facilities occupied the mall and the building proudly proclaims to be the pioneers of fiber optic telecommunication systems as well as dual telephone exchanges and continues to be up to date with new technological influxes.

This 16 floor complex is categorized in to retail, dining, recreational and entertainment areas offering customers maximum convenience. The diverse dishes and delicacies at the numerous restaurants are another delight at Times Square that should be relished.

The mammoth nature of the complex and its varied activities has made it hard to experience Times Square in just one day, so an array of hotels are located close to this enticing attraction. The Cosmopolitan which is an Hong Kong hotel with its charming comforts is just minutes away from this much thought after venue and excels as the prime destination providing its visitors an infinite range of amenities.


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