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Music Lulling You to Sleep

[ad_1] There are nights when as much as we want to drift off to sleep, we can’t. It is said that slow and soft music can put individuals to sleep. Nothing tops the list better than New Age music. When talking about New Age music, artists who normally come to […]

The Melancholy Music of the Violin

[ad_1] The violin is a member of the string instrument group. It has four strings that must be tuned precisely in order to produce the desired sound. The violin is a fairly temperamental instrument that easily falls out of tune and must be tuned perfectly or the sound will be […]

Bardo Pond – Ticket Crystals – Music Review

[ad_1] In Tibetan Buddhist cosmology the word, “Bardo” refers to an intermediate state. Specifically, a state between two lives on Earth. According to Tibetan tradition after one has died and before one’s next birth, one’s consciousness experiences a wide variety of phenomena. These experiences and visions range from beautiful to […]

The Influence and Legacy of the Rolling Stones

[ad_1] The Rolling Stones are widely recognized as one of the most influential rock n’ roll bands of all time. They have become the favorite band of generations and generations of fans who love rock n’roll music, from grandparents to parents to their kids, and even in some cases their […]