Category: Technology

Computer Cables

A brief guide to the different types of cables which are commonly used by computers and computer networks. Straight Through Cables. These are typically used for a serial to serial connection. Before the days of networking this was one of the best ways to connect computers together and is still […]

Basics of Computer Game Design

Read this article and find out some of the basics of video game design for the PC platform. You'll find out some of the important stuff that any computer game designer should know. The main things you'll find out are how web-based games compare against standard games, and the important […]

Computer Security Authentication

Computer security authentication means verifying the identity of a user logging onto a network. Passwords, digital certificates, smart cards and biometrics can be used to prove the identity of the user to the network. Computer security authentication includes verifying message integrity, e-mail authentication and MAC (Message Authentication Code), checking the […]

Cyber Crimes And Solutions

We are currently living in Cyber age, where Internet and computers have major impacts on our way of living, social life and the way we conduct businesses. The usage of information technology has posed great security challenges and ethical questions in front of us. Just as every thing has positives […]