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Treasure Tools

Metal has long been a coveted material in human civilization. Our means of trade used to be made from precious metals such as gold and silver. While in the past, finding metal, precious or otherwise, may have proven to be a challenge. With present technology though, metal detectors help us […]

Why YOU Want the Apple iPad

Ever since Steve Jobs announced the Apple iPad, there have been mixed emotions. Some people think it will revolutionize the personal computer, others believe it’s an overhyped toy. Now that it’s available to buy, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. It may not be the future of computing but the […]

Getting Everyone on Board With Mac OS X

Business technologies are split between the spreadsheet and the art of business. Industry and environment dictates how a company will integrate computer network technology into a custom business process. Choosing the right network is one thing but creating one that performs well under pressure is another. You see, the infrastructure […]

Socio-Technical Systems and Organizational Values

Modern organizations define themselves using statements of vision. They state their vision in terms of human resources and technology, a socio-technical view. Modern organizations also define themselves in terms of values. New employees entering the organization learn the value system from employees with longevity in it. How organizations incorporate socio-technical […]