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Components of Your Computer

A personal computer is a programmable electronic system, which processes data and which is designed to have a single user at once. Over the years, computers have developed from all points of view and their components make no exception. The central unit is the basic components of the system and […]

Basic Technology History

Online Technology Source Computers: First Computer Invented: Most people when they think of first computer invented they think Bill Gates. This, however, is not true, for the computer was invented long before Bill Gates was around. Bill Gates only revolutionized the computer, buy creating a more compact and useful form […]

Computer Programming Languages ​​Made Easy

Programming computer languages ​​typically belong to any of the two types-compiled and interpreted. Compiled programming languages ​​are implemented by using compilers, which are translators that generate machine code from source code. The compiler can translate the source code into intermediate form, which is known as byte code. In interpreted programming […]

The Computer CPU

A computer CPU is part of your laptop, desktop or tablet personal computer. It is even part of most cell phones such as a PDA. It is the part of your computer device that controls, operates and directs processing of information, data and instructions. Any instruction whether built into the […]

What Is Computer Hardware?

In a computing context, the term 'hardware' refers to the electrical parts and components inside a computer system which power it. The operating system (such as Windows 7) and other software (for example Firefox) are then installed upon – and make use of – the hardware parts and components. One […]

Free Computer Security Software

Looking for free computer security tools to use? Got Spyware? There is now a bill in Congress to make Spyware illegal. Good luck at catching the creators, in the mean time here are two links you can use to get started on your journey against Spyware. Ad-aware Spybot […]

Your Computer Can't Keep Time

A computer needs a certain amount of information to operate; for example, the date and time, the amount of memory installed, the number of drives and their configuration, and so on. In the early days of computers, either the user typed in this information each time the computer started, or […]