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Computer Printer Technology

The computer printing technology that is used today is a far cry from that which was first used at the dawn of the computer age. Many of the older technologies are now obsolete, although they were at one time in widespread use. Other newer print technologies have replaced them and […]

Best Computer Help

Even though most people are now familiar with the use of computers they still require technical assistance. Almost every three months new upgrades surface which make it impossible for everyone to keep up with the changing technology. It is also very hard to understand the more technical jargon that accompanies […]

All About Computer History

A computer is a fast electronic item, which operates under the control instructions that can store, send and interpret data. The first products in a way reminiscent of modern computers have been introduced in the mid 20th century, especially in the 1940s. The concept of multiple machines is similar to […]

Moving Your Computer

A computer is a treasure to every one of us and has become an integral part of our life these days. Treasures need extra care, don't they? This is very much true in case of computers, especially when moving it. You have to be doubly careful while preparing your computer […]

Computer Software

SOFTWARE These are programs or written instructions that are installed into the computer to enable it function properly. There are three types of software, which include: 1. System Software 2. Application software 3. Utility software SYSTEM SOFTWARE This also involves the operating system which is one of the most important […]

Computer Repair Services

Computer repair services are best fitted for offices and other important business firms where there are quite a number of machines. There are countless companies and service providers who repair computers for industries and offices. Computer repair services can be classified under the following heads: (a) Organizations who render technical […]