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Boarding School Schedule

A question asked many times by students and parents when it comes to boarding school have to deal with their schedule. Many are concerned about the potential of having their day regimented, while others want to make sure there is something to do for their child every day. Whatever you […]

Homeschool Laws

Homeschooling is permissible in all the states, however, there are different laws governing the process to safeguard children’s future and interests. 20% of the states do not have any laws and are free from any liabilities to contact the local officials. A majority of other states simply require local officials […]

School Marketing

What is School Marketing? Marketing will seem to some like a corporate term that doesn’t apply to a school. Whilst we can all recognise how a school is very different from a large consumer brand, most of the principles of marketing can be and have been successfully applied to schools. […]

School Trips to London

Every year thousands of people from all over the world flock to London to experience the magical aurora the city offers. They want a glimpse of the amazing City that has so much history, art, galleries, and museums. For many people, touring London is a bucket list trip that is […]