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Adorable Cheap Fashion Jewelry

Women often feel that jewelry depicts womanliness and also enhances the social status. Dating back to the era of human civilization, the women generations have adored wearing jewelry and showcasing themselves as the most beautiful. The variety of jewelry that are available form generation to generation have always been of […]

Spanish Fashion Trends of 2012

Spanish clothes are comfortable. Casual clothes like jeans are preferred over anything. Spanish designers get creative with the denim trend and make fitting, sexy and trendy clothes. Innovation with colors and patterns is visible every year. Spanish Fashion scene in 2012 comes with elegant collections with different styles showcasing glamorous […]

Synchronizing Fashion and Philosophy

As any young freelance designer in Paris will tell you, you must approach design houses in Europe with an answer to their plea for something new and different, innovational and having never been done before. It makes one question weather beauty and wear-ability is no longer important so long as […]

The Hottest Fashion Trends for Spring

Spring: A time for showers, flowers, bunnies and cleaning. Oh yeah, and fashion too. Hopefully by now you’ve done that “out with old” part of the spring routine and are keeping your eyes open for pieces to bring some “in with the new.” Whether you’re looking for something to help […]