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The Fashion of James Bond

Who in the history of film has gone through more fashion trends than James Bond? I remember my fashion awakening in the 90’s, reading an article in Playboy (yeah, I read the articles) discussing Pierce Brosnan’s wardrobe in Goldeneye. The article talked about the return of the nautical blazer with […]

Elsa Schiaparelli, Vintage Designer History

Elsa Schiaparelli has been credited with influencing designers such as Gaultier, Galliano, Kenzo, and Issey Miyake just to name a few. I decided to write about Elsa because, although I have often heard her name mentioned, I never really knew that much about her and I decided to do a […]

Short Biography of Giorgio Armani

Born on July 11, 1934 in a small Italian town, Giorgio Armani has become a symbol, an ambassador of Italian fashion all over the world. Particularly known for his stylish suits worn by top Hollywood actors such as Mel Gibson or Richard Gere, Armani never even thought of becoming a […]

Men’s Polo Shirts

Men’s polo shirts are a vogue style for which the composition is long or short sleeve, and do not button or fasten at the front. Polo shirts are pull over and should be used for occasional or ceremonial apparel, all depending on the adornments. Wear a long sleeve polo shirt […]

Types of Photography

In this post we will explore different types of photography. There are several different directions one can go in with photography. You can even specialize in one or more of them if you like. Some types of photography will be discussed below. There has been color film for many years […]

Robots – A Raging Fashion in China

It is not unknown that China, the land where Mandarin originated, is now the world’s fastest developing country, striding into an opulent future. Its technological prowess that has even surpassed the US and its monumental space program are some of the fruits of its economic boom. Don’t be surprised if […]

Feline Fashion for Halloween

Anyone will tell you that one of the sexiest women’s Halloween costumes has been the cat costume, and it has topped the list for many years. The combination of the usually tight-fitting cat suit and the image of the feline on the prowl make this costume choice one that stands […]

Jewelery Shopping

My cousin who I hardly see maybe about once a year wants jewelery from me for her sixteenth birthday. We’ve got a quirky little relationship. Unlike my sister, who I’ve been at war with since she was born, the dynamic with my younger cousin is more affable. We get on. […]

Top Fashion Tips For Size Sixteen Plus Women

Size 16 plus women – Black is not slimming For those of you carrying a bit too much weight please don’t make the mistake of hiding yourself in black. Black defines and outlines the shape of your body. So for example, great legs look fabulous in sheer black tights, however […]