Category: Fashion

Fashion and Society

In an ideal world, a book should never be judged by its cover and it is extremely unfortunate that even in the liberal world of today people fail to understand that. In the context of humans, that 'cover' basically constitutes of the clothing they choose to wear. Societies and their […]

Influences of Fashion

Fashion is something which influences a great number of people's clothing choices from year to year. Some have no interest whatsoever, whereas others will not stop until their wardrobe is filled with the season's top garments. Fashion has existed in many areas of life for a significant amount of time, […]

Fashion in Black Clothing

Some people say that black symbolizes the absence of colors. In reality though, black is one color which makes a person's presence felt very strongly if he or she is wearing it. It happens to be one of those striking colors which add the necessary oomph to an individual's personality, […]

Fashion With Tattoos

There are various fashions in tattoos Once upon a time tattoos were suspected to have been laced with bad reputation and of late, it has emerged as a form of art in exhibiting a person’s image or expression, promoting creative tattoo artists emerging with a variety of tattoos as a […]

Boho Girl Festival Fashion

Bohemian girls combine function and fashion as well as are tremendously earth conscious. Distressed rayon stonewashed maxi dresses in medieval renaissance styles paired with comfortable sneakers or go for the recycled sari gypsy skirts, the ’90s fashion is here to stay. Customize an outfit inspired by the free spirited bohemian […]

Fashion Photography

Are you someone who likes to blend with celebrities? Do you take their pictures as well? If the foregoing is true, fashion photography can be your career path. As a fashion photographer, you can take pictures of models and celebrities and portraits with a well knowledge of digital camera tips. […]

Fashion Tips for Women

A noted philosopher and politician Aristotle once said, women are the best creatures of god. And for 'you' creatures that are bold, beautiful, gracious and smart, wrapping and carrying yourself is of utmost importance. According to the varying shape and size or body shape and colors, etc, here are few […]