Hughes Satellite Systems and Components from DirecTV


All satellite TV service providers are going to give you a free satellite TV system when you sign an extended service agreement with them. They are able to do this now, because the cost of satellite TV systems and components has fallen drastically as have most other home electronics over the last decade.

They are able to buy in massive volume and then reap even more savings by doing so. Some service providers even go a step further and buy cheap low quality systems and components from less reputable over seas sources and there by save even more money. The reason these service providers are not overly concerned about the quality of their systems and components is, because once they pass them on to you the customer the system is completely your responsibility, just the same as if you had bought it.

It most often comes with some sort of warranty, but let's face it home electronics always give you a year or so honeymoon before they begin to fall apart or malfunction and once it does you have to have it repaired or replaced. DirecTV stocks Hughes satellite TV systems and components exclusively and Hughes is a name that is recognized world wide as being synchronous with quality built satellite TV systems.

The quality in Hughes receivers is readily apparent when you first lay eyes on the solid and hefty stylishly designed low profile unit and a quick comparison with other receivers will verify that they are a far better unit. Satellite receivers and particularly high definition receivers with DVR capabilities are very complex pieces of home electronics equipment much like a personal computer.

The more features and functions that there are in them, the more things that there are that can malfunction, so it is in your best interest to not accept a lower quality unit. The basic model of Hughes receiver that DirecTV carries is their Hughes Director receiver and it will come free of charge with their base level economically priced programming package.

DirecTV's Family Choice package has forty assisted programming channels, so the Director does not have all the features that are necessary for managing the hundreds of channels in DirecTV's more channel laden packages. The Director is a solid and simple to operate unit that will stand up to constant use for years and years and there are no moving parts in Hughes receivers, so there is nothing to wear out.

The Hughes Executive model receiver is the next level up and if you upgrade from DirecTV's introductory programming package you also get an Executive receiver upgrade free of charge also. This receiver is loaded with features and functions and also has some great feature options that you can choose from including DVR and DVR Powered by TiVo.

Custom menu, programming search and parental control are just a few of the features that this receiver has in it. DirecTV also has your choice of two Hughes high definition receivers and on is a basic model similar to the Director while the other is similar to the Executive except that it is high definition.


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