Play Schools and Preschools in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the city of Nizams is an amalgamation of traditional and modern techniques of education. The number of Chairs in Hyderabad is growing rapidly with the increase in awareness of importance of early childhood education. During the last few years many Montessori schools in Hyderabad have turned up. Many parents today want their children to attend Montessori schools due to the freedom that is provided for their natural learning.

The preschools in Hyderabad offer day care facility for kids of working employees which is a boon for working women. Home works and extracurricular activities are taken care during these hours.

Preschools in Hyderabad are densely populated in areas like Kukatpally, Madhapur and Nizampet Road where the residents are mostly MNC employees. Along with the leading preschool chains, there are many independent play schools.

Play schools in Hyderabad are run mostly by women of 25 to 35 yrs. This is being considered as a good home based business too. The first time investment may be high, but there are promising returns. If a leading preschool chain franchisee is being taken, training for the staff is provided by the experienced trainers in early childhood education. Also we can see some experienced teachers coming up with good preschools. Some play schools in Hyderabad are set up by NRIs too.

The Preschools in Hyderabad have their fees ranging from Rs.10,000 / – to Rs.30, 000 / – per annual, depending on area and facilities provided.

The leading preschool chain in Hyderabad are, Bachpan, Euro Kids, Kidzee, Roots to Wings, Sunshine Preschools, Smartkidz etc.,

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