First Day at School

Today was my little one’s first day at school.

It was an experience that I came into not knowing what to expect, and I was looking forward to what might happen.

This really was a landmark day. I think only a parent would really get the full impact of all of the changes that not only occurred with this event, but alsowhat the changes symbolize.

My son is 4 years old and has shown interest in school for about a year now.He has been eager to learn more about the educational basics such as numbers, letters, and is now interested in spelling.

What I found out when I came to pick him up was not only that he had fun, but that he was considered – by educational standards – exceptionally intelligent. (I knew this before but well, you know I’m his mom. 🙂 )

By the end of his time at the school, he had learned to read several words, and knew what they meant. (Up to this time I knew he had an interest in words and their meanings but I didn’t realize he was actually ready to start reading.)


OK, now why I mention this – I’m not doing it to brag on my kid. Well, maybe I am a little. 🙂 But my main point is this: Although he is naturally bright, I am a work-at-home mother (online and offline marketing) and my ability to be with him at home has really paid off. He’s a stable, happy child and is learning like a thirsty sponge. I know that my ability to spend most of each day with him has been a major contributing factor with his abilities.

This first day of school was actually an emotionally moving experience. The look of dignity on his face almost brought a tear to my eye. His sense of pride from his accomplishments showed in his sparkling eyes and the way he held his head up.

What did I do before I was a mother? I seem to have trouble remembering what life was like – but I do know that it didn’t even compare to the pure joy that exists in my life today.

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