How to Get Better Grades in School

How to get better grades in school is a question that students have been asking since schools have existed – over 2000 years. It begins as a means to make your Teachers and Parents feel you are doing your best. Then you discover that graduating, scholarships, and careers can hang in the balance. It becomes very important and something that you want to do for yourself. I have found three very important factors that contribute to “Better Grades”. Organization, Attention, and Study.

The first being organization. I know how you feel, I was not born with the organization gene. However, it is critical when it comes to getting better grades. The first item I want to recommend is a 3 ring binder – it beats a spiral notebook hands down. They come in a 1 inch variety that is super. It lets you control what goes in and comes out and where. I like to get the tab inserts to help you organize more. You can have one for notes, one for homework to hand in, one for homework returned, vocabulary, test returned, etc… This will help you organize you paperwork.

The next step is attention. We have all heard – Pay attention in class. What is paying attention, really. It’s not just listening to the Teacher and what they say. It’s hearing how they say it. You can tell what points they are passionate about by the way they express it, which can help you with tests. Pick a highlighter pen – color is totally up to you. During your note taking, going over homework, going over test, or handouts – if you feel something is very important – highlight it! Chances are it will show up on your next test or exam, and you will be ahead of the game.

Now we need to Study… This should be something you do often – not just before a test. You could go over your notes and returned tests often to find key points, or where you need more help. It is better to spend 15 mins. on a subject each day the trying to pull an “all nighter’ the night before the test or exam. This will be much easier if you have highlighted all the important points you noted during the attention part, and have organized your binder.

There are tons of other ideas – Ask other students in your class that are doing well what their strategy is – form a study group. My daughter who is finding French I hard has a group in her class that text each other daily in French that must be answered in French. Ask your teacher for extra credit – You will be surprised of the teachers that will give extra credit IF the student ask for it – not the parent. Many schools have peer tutoring – see if that will work for you and sign up to be a tutor for classes that you have mastered. I have found that often the best way to learn is to teach.

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