Why is My Computer So Slow? It Might Be the Registry


I bet you have been asking yourself this question for some time now? The answer is that there are plenty of things that can slow your computer down – hardware related problems, not enough memory or not properly fragmented hard drive to name a few.

However most often than if you are dealing with a slow computer the reason is the registry. First things first though – registry is the heart of the computer so to speak. Every time you install a piece of software files from it go in the registry. Upon launching the software your computer needs to access them.

The opposite is not true – when you uninstall software not all of the files in the registry are deleted. It is no wonder that over time it gets cluttered – computer needs more and more time to find the files it needs to launch a program and that's why your computer is so slow.

Luckily, there is an easy way to find out whether the registry is affected – all you need to do is download off the Internet a piece of software called registry cleaner and scan the registry – for free.

In a few minutes you will be presented with a list of all found errors, if any. In order to fix them you need to buy the software. I want to make one thing clear here – registry can be cleaned manually, but it requires specific skills. Also there are free decent registry cleaners that can get the job done if the registry is not so badly cluttered.

The paid registry cleaners go for $ 30 – $ 40. Some of them come with up to three installation licenses so you can install the software on all your computers or team up with friends and collections to buy it. This way you will be sure that your registry will be error free and your computer will never be slow again.


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