8 Ways to Boost Productivity in the Office – Start Outside and Work Your Way In

Setting up a new office for your business is no simple task. From finding the most suitable place to settle in, to making sure that your office space is kitted out thoroughly and that your employees have absolutely everything that they will need on hand; there’s always something else to remember.

In this article we are going to explore a few different ways in which you can maximise on the productivity in your office. Once you’re all up and running and things are beginning to pick up pace, you’re going to want to ensure that your workers are motivated and dedicated to the task at hand.

It’s a big deal, setting up an office; and you want to do everything in your power to secure your success. Read on for 8 ways in which you can boost productivity in your new office.

1 – Location, Location

OK, so this point isn’t related to what’s in the office, but what’s outside. One of the most important aspects of an office’s location is what there is to do in the immediate surrounding area. You need to offer your employees the opportunity to get out of the office on their lunch and enjoy a nice coffee, or some decent places to eat. This is the key to a productive workforce – ample having distractions OUTSIDE.

2 – Keep Distractions to a Minimum

While it is important to have your office located in a relatively central area with plenty of things to do, you should try to keep the distractions in the office to a minimum. You’ll have a hard-enough time keeping them off their smart phones, so an overly cluttered office with too many visual distractions can be detrimental.

Keep it simple and add plenty of green to your office. Having a few beautiful plants scattered around have more benefits than simply making the place look pretty.

3 – Noise: Find the Right Balance

This one really does depend on the culture of your business and the personalities that you have on your team. Often a bit of music can really help to boost productivity in the workplace, though having the radio going with lots of talking may not be the best course of action.

Weigh it up and try to find the right fit for the people you have working for you. Perhaps a bit of neutral instrumental music playing in the background throughout the day could be really positive.

4 – Ergonomic Furniture, Always

You should never skimp on furniture when it comes to kitting out your office. No, it’s not cheap and you’ve no doubt forked a lot of money so far throughout the entire process of getting things set up. But, if you want your employees to work at their optimum performance levels it is important to ensure that they are comfortable. Not only that, but ergonomic office furniture is much, much better for their health and well-being. At least act like you care, eh?

5 – Light the Way

Lighting is arguably one of the most important factors when it comes to productivity and the overall mood in an office. Natural light is truly a godsend and so you should take every advantage of it. If you’re limited with how many windows you have in the office, then look to installing a few mirrors in opportune locations.

This can also contribute towards making the space feel bigger, if you’re in a particularly small office. You could always look to implement various lighting or lamp features, though again; be careful not to go too OTT with distractions.

6 – A Room with a View

Again, this isn’t necessarily going to be possible, depending on your set up. Though it is always handy to have some large open windows, offering a nice view for your employees to enjoy.

While we’ve talked about keeping distractions to a minimum, a bit of green or a city-scape can often be inspiring – that and it affords your staff a quick respite from staring at their screens.

7 – Encourage Regular Breaks

Arguably the worst thing that you can do to your business is order your employees to stay at their desks at all times. I’ve worked in that environment before, where people are penalised for spending too much time in the toilet and believe me; it does not work. Not only does it significantly reduce your staff retention rate, but it also encourages people to slack off more.

By encouraging regular breaks, it is not only good for your employee’s health, but their productivity too. A bit of time away from the desk to stretch their legs will work wonders. Try implementing some fun brain teasers and puzzles to keep them occupied for 5 minutes while they have a cup of tea – that’ll keep the cogs whirling.

8 – Keep a Clean Environment

If you can’t afford to hire cleaners, do it yourself. There is nothing worse than a filthy environment. Make sure that your office is regularly cleaned and that your staff keep a clean working area. They may not like it, but you could implement a “slob-of-the-month”, award. Nobody will want to be recognised as the one who doesn’t clean up after themselves in the break room.

To Summarise

Certain Office buildings come with a number of benefits, such as in-house cleaning, round-the-clock security and being in a centralised location with magnificent views. You can tick off many of these productivity points simply be finding the right spot to set your office up. Do your research before rushing in! Make sure your employees will benefit just as much from it’s location as will your budget.

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