What to do SEO or Redesign Website – SEO Tactics


Another question that comes to mind is "Should we Redesign our website?" I once talk to an owner of a domain and he pretty much stated that if they do not get the activity they are looking for then they redesign the entire website from top to bottom. No stone is left unturned. So obviously, my next question was "How do you know that it is not being effective?" The response was, "Our phones are not ringing." WOW!

He must have seen the shocked looked on my face and he ordered further as to what I would do differently. I explained to him, without being judgmental, that he was really throwing his money down the toilet. And here is why.

1. Waste of Money.

The waste here comes from paying someone to actually change the site around. Whether or not it is a consultant doing the changing or an employee it is still a waste at this point.

2. Not enough Time has passed.

As fast as we think the Internet is changes are often slow in being noticed. Having a new website can take as many as several weeks to get noticed by the search engine. Obviously, if you know what you are with SEO you can not notice much quicker. But sometimes it takes time and patience.

3. No Backlinks were created.

Depending what your widget is or information, you will need some sort of backlinking structure setup. Sorry that is a fact. This can be done quickly at the expense of money and quality or you can take the slow route and build quality links.

4. Delayed Recognition.

Changing a website every 3 months can be very detrimental. A Search Engine wants to see consistency not a make-over. They are constantly looking for content not a re-hash of previous re-do of a website.

So my advice is to get educated on SEO Tactics. If you are the type to delegate this kind of stuff then get your webmaster trained in it. If you are not showing up in the search engine result pages then do not blame your website there is another problem.


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