Google SEO On Page Ranking Factor Myths


It's easy to become a Google SEO expert. Just read a few search engine optimization books and visit a few Internet Marketing forums then pass on what you learned.

You know better than that, right?

Experts like to talk about on page ranking factors and how having them will help you rank better in the search engines.

Some of these on page ranking factors are true and some of them are myths.

Some of the on page ranking factors many believe will help you rank better in Google include:

1. Your main Keyword should be between H1 tags, or

2. Keywords in the content should be made bold, underlined or italicized.

Experts also believe you should avoid having certain things on your page that would decrease your ranking such as:

3. Javascript

4. Frames

5. Outbound links

6. Pop ups

However, a statistical analysis on over 45,000 websites reverses what experts normally think would help or hurt search engine rankings in Google.

Without getting into a confrontation with these SEO experts, you should question the truth of their advice. How did they figure out that these on page factors either help or hurt ranking performance? Can they show examples of sites that rank well which follows the advice they give?

From there, you should come up with your own conclusions and believe only what you can verify with hard data. Become your own SEO expert based on the facts and not the myths and you'll improve your search engine ranking in Google.

Copyright (c) 2007 by Leroy Chan


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