Health Gadget Promises Chemical Free Diet


In a world that is experiencing a rise in diseases such as autism, asthma, cancer and birth defects, it is time to evaluate the toxic chemicals that are in our homes and our diets. The National Environment Trust reported that the amount of toxic chemicals in the home is increasing at a rapid rate, exposed to individuals through their mouth, skin and lungs. Even organically grown foods have a very small percentage of chemical contamination allowed within their guidelines.

New Health Gadget Designed to Prevent Deadly Diseases

A newly designed health gadget , the Lotus Sanitizing System is designed with two main goals. The first is to remove and kill any and all pesticides and germs on the food that is eaten by your family. The second is to disinfect surfaces that your family touches on a daily basis. These two goals are accomplished with the use of simple tap water and the chemical free products that make up the Lotus Sanitizing System.

This revolutionary new system provides a natural and chemical free way to free your family from harmful chemicals in their daily diet and your home. It takes ozone molecules and infuses them into ordinary tap water. Ozone is an unstable molecule made up of three oxygen atoms (03). This creates a natural sterilizing agent that destroys bacteria and other microorganisms. The ozonated Lotus water is safe to use on food, skin and even your baby's toys.

Buy The Lotus Sanitizing System Today For a Chemical Free Tomorrow

If you are someone that enjoys locating the newest health gadget on the market, you will definitely enjoy the new Lotus Sanitizing System. Your purchase price of just under $ 200 will include the main unit and two specially designed containers for cleaning food items. A 16 oz trigger spray bottle and a clear plastic bowl with a combined lid / strainer. It comes with a one-year warranty and the peace of mind of knowing that you are doing all you can to provide a chemical free world for your family.


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