Why Learn French


"Comment allez-vous?"

Why learn French? Of course, you know immediately that the sentence above is the French to say "how are you?" In English.

Learning the French language may be more difficult compared to other foreign languages ​​most people find interesting in learning today. The reason why French is difficult compared to Spanish, German and Italian is because it has a unique way of pronunciation.

French is also sensitive to some of the letters, each with different functions depending on the position of it on a word or phrase. You must be a good observer in this respect. Not only that, the French language has a certain style of conversation that sounds like a slurring sound. This is called pairing. In connection alone, there are already several conditions you need to monitor and then a few more sets of rules for pronunciation.

In response to questions in English, you will also need to watch your intonation. In most cases, an increase of tone is applicable only for yes / no questions and on other things or mere talk, intonation at the end of the sentence. The only similarity in English and French is the number of letters in the alphabet. The two languages ​​have the alphabet from A to Z.

The next question is how can we learn and remember the French language with all the features contrasting English and French? In memory, it is a technique used to improve memory skills. This method can easily be used for learning a second language. An example below shows how the technique works.

Before reaching the other side of the building, you must cross a long bridge over a large basin.
The words are bridges and the pond. But we used to associate only pond with the French word "bridge, which means" bridge ", because both words and sounds of both the human spirit, it will be easy to link the two together as a single word. in a sentence and it is a great exercise for your brain, making it function and remember things better.


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