How to Attract a Woman – Lessons From the Movies


You can learn how to attract a woman by simply just watching movies. There are many movies about romance and dating. A lot of time you can see that the guys in the movies are either rich nor handsome. But they can still attract good girls. After watching many movies, I can conclude that they have some of the following characteristics:

1 Have a Good Personality: Woman is attracted by the guy who has a good personality. Personality consistors on many elements. It can be the way you dress, the way you communicate with other people and the way you respond to the situation. A man with great personality can attract not only women but also other good things into his life. The first task for you, if you want to attract woman, is to learn how to have a great personality.

2 Have Confidence: A confident person who believes in what he is doing can attract a lot of good girls into his life. Why is that? I guess women like a man who can be a leader. This gives them security. Having confidence is one of the qualities that leaders must have.

3 Have Intelligent Conversation : Good communication leads to respect. If women respect you, you can get their approval on approaching them. If you know how to talk sweetly and smoothly, you can master the art of appealing woman.

4 Understand a woman well enough . If you can think the way the woman thinks, you can absolutely do what she expects you to do. She will like you more. Finally, more girls will be taken into your life.

Learning how to attract woman into your life can be difficult for some men. For me, I just learn from watching movies. This article gives you four characters of a guy who can attract a woman into his life.


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