Peli Case Offers Security Against Extremes


The prime concern for any living entity on the planet is safety and security. Right from the beginning, humans have been devising tools which can safeguard them from different types of threats and dangers under various conditions. We started building houses with a concern for security. Later we built multiple objects devised to take care of all our belongings. The safe and secure environment gives any person a sense of relief which further pushes him to perform better and thus increase productivity.

Peli case is designed to provide security not just from any miscreant but extreme climatic conditions. The outer surface of any such case is a structural copolymer resin. A pressure purge valve is incorporated into the shell of the case to allow pressure equalization. For the tongue and groove seal to remain airtight and waterproof, a neoprene "o" ring is used in the lid while manufacturing. Even in the case of rough handling, the handle and hinges form an interlock, actually making it impossible to break into it. A padlock facility is also provided to keep it safe from any thief. This design technique makes it one of the most sought after products available in the market.

These cases have been tested and approved against many dangerous entities. These are certified with IP67 (ingress protection 67), where 6 means protection against dust and solid particles and 7 means defiance against liquid particles. They meet ATA (air transport association) requirements, which means that they can easily sustain a minimum 100 rounds of air travel. US military has approved these cases under MIL C-4150J, which is a stringent environmental test. It means that they have been approved under the conditions of stacking, dropping, immersion and humidity.

Most of these cases are being used for the protection of electronic gadgets. The cases are also built with an eye on style and lucrative design as well as user friendly features. Traveling with your gadgets and tools in peli cases you can be sure that your marriages are safe and beyond the reach of any miscreant. Some people might find these cases slowly expensive but the kind of protection they provide is priceless. These cases are not something you buy, it is something that you invest in.


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