Soothing Sounds

Have you considered your musical tastes when it comes to your meditation or even your daily routine? Are you helping or hindering your progress with the vast number of selections now available to you on your new iPod? Are you aware of the minority nuances thought about in your personality brought about by the music you are listening to, either at work, at play or even at home? You should not only be aware of these effects but prepared to utilize them to your advantage in everything that you do.

Over the years, there have been many different studies conducted regarding the effects of music on everything from people, to pets and even to plants. Perhaps not surprisingly, most of those results have drawn many of the same conclusions. With colors, the effects are more subtle but they still exist. With music, the effects are not so very subtle and can be recognized almost immediately.

Music can be used to enhance existing emotions or to actually change a person's behavior. While much of this is already known and accepted by experts and laymen alike, not everyone fully utilizes this concept to enhance their daily lives. Music can be used to increase productivity, decrease anxiety and a host of other benefits that most people never take into consideration when they turn on the radio or fill up their portable music devices.

Next time you go to turn on the radio or listen to the play lists you already have on your computer, why not try something a little bit different? It will take a little bit of thought and maybe even some planning but the results can be more than just a little rewarding. Take a moment to think about what you are going to need to accomplish and what you want to accomplish and then make your selections based on that criteria.

If you are going to be actively involved in working on something that takes a lot of energy or mental strain, try using faster and more upbeat music. Shy away from the heavy or hardcore rock and roll as that may help to increase your productivity but will also be likely to increase your levels of stress and adrenaline making it more difficult to get the job completed without problems. Rather, try something that is upbeat but not quite as "heavy" in terms of the beat.

If you know that you will be involved in stressful situations, where physical production is not an imperative part of your day but you will have to concentrate fully on the task while avoiding the associated stress, try to use some soft jazz with a faster tempo. The music does not even have to be something that you enjoy to make this work. However, it does help great if the music is not something that you hate so much as to raise your personal stress levels.

If you have the opportunity to study the effects of music on plants and can read between the lines of those studies, it may provide you with some fascinating and very meaningful insight into the true power of music in your daily life. Rather than just focusing on what you think you may want to hear, take a few moments, think about what you need to accomplish it and how you want to go about the chore. Once you have done that, let the music begin.

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