Search Engine Optimization Services Specialist Discusses What Is Search Engine Optimization Part 18

Let the people reading the content on your website know that you are a real person doing business on the internet. A good search engine optimization technique is to build an "About Me" page on your website. This is a very important part of relationship marketing on the internet because people are not going to do business with you if they do not know who you are and have no reason to trust you.

For example, if you are marketing a certain business, product or service then you need to show people how you will improve their business through the purchase and use of your related business services and products. So, the basic procedure to implement an effective and successful search engine optimization marketing campaign for your online and offline business is as follows. One. Buy a domain. Two. Build your website. Three. Place the url that you are promoting in your website. Four. Write keyword rich original content about your business, services and products that are detailed on your website and submit or post that content to blogs, forums, article submission companies and press release companies.

You can make the press releases that you write for SEO marketing purposes more effective. After you have written your press release, take the basic information or content from that press release and move it over to an Ezine article. Add another paragraph or two of focussed keyword rich content to that press release to create the longer Ezine article. Follow the same content addition procedure from your Ezine article to your forum post and similarly from your forum post to your blog post. This will ensure that each post has original content which will satisfy the search engine spiders.

There are many good blog, forum, article submission and press release companies that you can join and use on the internet. Joining and posting to these companies every day will make your search engine optimization marketing campaign more effective, powerful and successful. After a certain time period, which can never be determined, your blog posts, forum posts, article submissions and press releases will pop up on the first page of the Google search engine. If you have chosen professional, recognized and long standing submission companies your posts will stay on the first page of the Google search engine for a long time.

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