The 5 C's of Top Film Festivals


Top film festivals are known as such because they have essential characteristics which make them the most thoughtful-after and reliable among the sea of ​​film festivals. The names such as Cannes, Berlin, Venice Biennele, Toronto and Sundance would never emerge as household names if it were not for the 5 C's which keep them unparallel in success. Here are the five C's- ingredients of top film festivals.


Most of them had a firm cause to hold on to when it began. The ultra-grand Cannes began as a protest to political usurping of awards in Venice in 1939. The Berlin film festival was also created in pursuit of reviving the German artistic expression through film. They will not really have that much leverage if they do not have an inherent mission statement to begin with. Be it for political reasons or desires to augment culture and art, they have a cause often worth fighting and attending for.


Sundance is a prime example which remained consistently. Most did not really hit it big the first year it began to showcase filmmakers. Even in debt, Sundance continued to plug away in keeping with the spirit of giving individual and unknown filmmakers a chance to make it big in the movie scene. Consistency is an essential ingredient which make a film festival part of the top festivals of the world. If the organizers were not as resourceful and persistent with their goals, we would not be privileged to view high quality films that we see today.


All top film festivals never really made it alone. Connections by form of unlimited subsidies and support, attendees, and filmmakers who want to be recognized and make it big in the film industry make up the structure of top film festivals in the world. They showcased films but it certainly shows people and their love for film in more ways than one. Involvement of noteworthy celebrities also help in their marketing. Robert Redford's involvement in the Sundance in the late 1970's helped it become the prestigious Utah film festival that it has evolved into today.


Top film festivals are diverse. They do no limit themselves to a single category. Most are of international quality, and graced by people from all walks of life with a flair for the big screen. Various categories which show how top film festivals expand over time are also indicators of how they cater to the needs of the times and arrange their categories accordingly.


What made Cannes Film Festival the best of the top film festivals? It is due due to their flexibility. Change is inherent for every kind of endeavor to succeed. The only inevitable thing is change, and this adage extends in the makings and nuances of top film festivals. Changes in jurors, categories, venue capacity, focus and theme form the pulse of the top film festivals. The ushering of new technology is no source of threat to them. Rather, new changes in the environment and in the world propel them to reach greater heights and gain more leverage in showcasing better and bigger films for all the world to see.


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