The Ultimate Checklist: Your Catch For A Phenomenal Software Launch

When it comes to launching a ravishing software in the much competitive market, the process can be both exciting & appealing. There are countless factors associated with your launch that affects the viability of your product directly as well as indirectly. In this article, we will talk about the various key points that are crucial when it comes to deciding the fate of your product.

Here is your checklist to ensure a perfect software launch:

1. The organization launching its software must keep its mind open towards the competition prevailing in the market. Even the smallest players can be your biggest competitor. Try to catch the loops present in their strategies and software offered and make possible efforts to fill them. The goals should be specific and should be communicated to all stakeholders. It will enable them to know what success will look like.

2. An accurate launch calendar is significant for a successful software launch. Initiate by deciding a launch date and start working backward. Intimate your whole team about the schedule, this will enable them to prioritize their various tasks accordingly.

3. Roadmap for the software must be developed and intimated to all relevant parties. It will serve as a guiding strategic document. Further, any shifts in the strategy must be communicated to them for smoother functioning.

4. Company’s website should be optimized to handle the load as crashes can be very expensive. If the payment process is to be handled by your site it is important to make the payments secure. Launching the software is not enough, you must ensure that your organization is prepared for hard-to-fathom outcomes of the launch such as overwhelming demand.

5. Before launching your software publicly it must be tested with some of your reliable customers or a quick focus group. You may also go for beta testers or more complex multivariate testing to find any shortcomings in your software. Make your software available to some important influencers, for instance, a blogger who has a sizeable online presence and ask them to write review articles or posts regarding the software.

6. Sales team should be trained in such a way so that they can be able to conduct demos and can articulate the key values of the software to its buyer personas. You have promoted your software enough before launch. Depending on the type of social media accessed by your target audience you may reap large benefits. Pre-launch press releases, direct mail, and content marketing may also assist you.

7. Proper planning must be developed for tracking the user behavior and key metrics.

8. Your customer’s contracts, terms and conditions and other statutory documentation must all remain in place and must be thoroughly checked by the legal team. Support documentation has been developed and made easily accessible. This may include FAQs on the company’s website or a help column inbuilt in the software itself.

9. Even if your brand is already enjoying the trust of the customers in the market it is of immense significance that you can persuade your customers about the usefulness of your software and how it will go to make their lives easier. For getting the feedbacks of the customers about the software, proper means must be developed and implemented by the company.

10. The most relevant task is to protect the idea that you have generated for your software development. It becomes crucial to obtain the relevant patents and trademarks. Projecting and protecting the idea both must continue side by side.

The Decisive role of Management:

Entire organization- executives, marketing, sales, HR and more must remain on their toes when queries of customers start to come. You must be able to explain and defend the pricing structure for your software. Customer support team must know about the software completely so that they are in the position to tackle the problems faced by the users in operating the newly launched software.

Every revolutionary product needs an equally awesome launch strategy, ensuring a great launch is vital as it decides the fate of the product and hence the future scope. Remember big news needs a big plan, momentum is a key player. Balancing everything from press releases to demos is what is essential for a flawless debut launch of your product.

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