DUBturbo Digital Music Production Review

There is a selection of music production software on the market today, but only a few stay on top of the game. Many applications for audio music production are often too difficult for the beginner to use or have other bugs that were not detectable by the programmers until later (and patches had to be released). DUBturbo is one of the few applications that have hit the market and done exactly what it was meant to do, which is to provide the end user a fast and easy way to create hip hop beats.

With a 16 Track Sequencer, 4 Octave Keyboard, 10 Pad Drum Machine and numerous kits containing samples, loops, and other things of importance for upcoming digital music producers, DUBturbo stands out as one of the best. Many people have gone to school and paid thousands in tuition to learn what DUBturbo teaches you in the comfort of your own home. By comparison, it’s hard to tell the difference in an audio track made in DUBturbo versus one that was created by another higher end program. DUBturbo has a better quality of sound than most applications could give and the cost is much lower than its competitors.

I Would Like Music Production Software that is Easy to Use.

When you create a track with DUBturbo, the end result is not compressed sound that is nothing like your original output. Even with “high end” music production kits the samples you’ll receive will be useless and you’ll still end up having to search the internet for hours trying to find useful samples. You will then have to make them compatible with your expensive application. That’s too much time wasted that you could’ve been using to create some awesome hip hop beats.

With DUBturbo, it’s really simple to import any new audio tracks you wish with ease. The user interface is simple and easy to use,. There are keyboard shortcuts available so you don’t get confused within a project. You can drag or copy bars with ease, edit and master your music all in one package. You don’t even have to acquire any additional equipment such as sound cards or MIDI keyboards you would with other more expensive digital music production software.

Could I Make Music In All Genres With DUBturbo?

A user can make numerous beats for all the different genres of music. You could then mix and master your beats to sell or keep for later use. DUBturbo has been said to be an addictive application. People have reported spending days creating hip hop beats through use of this software and its also helped many to transition from amateur beat maker to professional music producer.

Other “high end” applications are too expensive and have too many requirements with a high learning curve for people who just want to jump right into beat making. Other programs take a long time to learn and when you’re really passionate about music, DUBturbo allows you to fast forward through the learning process so that one day you’re learning the software and the next day you’re a professional at it.

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