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Small Business Manufacturing Software

Small business manufacturing software is software which is of prime importance in small business production and distribution. Small business manufacturing software is an ideal solution for midsize companies, which aids in issues such as successful running of the company, turning customer data into customer information, understanding the needs of the […]

Custom Software Today

What is custom software development? Software development can be an extremely difficult and complex process. It includes the evolution of software products in a structured and planned manner starting from requirements elaboration and ending with software maintenance and troubleshooting. Currently custom software development companies provide applications for all kinds of […]

What Makes a Good PLC Program?

PLC programmers have been faced with a steep learning curve over the last 25 years, as technologies have moved quickly and almost all industries have implemented programmable logic controllers as a standard. This means that good experienced programs are hard to find, and while most companies offer programming services there […]

Embedded Single Board Computers

Our world today is full of electronic devices. We see a lot of them in our homes, in our offices and at shopping malls. Each device has their own characteristic, and they are all equipped with computers embedded deep in their system. These small computers are called single board computers […]

Security Metal Detectors

For ages, man has hammered against rock to obtain precious materials from the earth's surface. This can coal, ore, diamonds and other minerals but during that time, metal detectors were both crude and primitive. It is only by hitting the ground and listening to the sound that will determine if […]

Computer Lingo!

Computer lingo! Or, “techno-babble” as I like to call it. If you don’t know your IEEE 1394s from your PCI Express x16s, then you may have a problem if you plan on building or upgrading hardware in your computer. Knowing the talk is essential for getting parts that are compatible […]