The Game Of Life – And How To Play It – (Entertainment Purposes Only)

Imagine trying to play a game, except there's no rules, even better theres no objectives either. Sounds pretty rubbish right ?. How could you possibly play this game without knowing the rules ?, you've got a hell of a hard time, would not you. Even worse everyone else is playing the game does not know what the heck they're doing either, so players just make up their own rules, what else can you do ?. This amazing game I'm talking about, is what we like to call life, think about it.

Your only guide to this amazing game is some thing called the unconscious or guide or whatever, you have to invent a name 'cause it's as good as any other. Basically your unconscious is there to provide you with clues in the forms of dreams, and imagination. The only problem is the unconscious only talks in symbols, yes thats right symbols. Ever wake up from a dream wondering what the heck that was all about ?. Frustrating is not it?

Imagine this, it's christmas day, you run to all the shiny presents under the tree, you excitedly unwrap your present, it's a board-game, 'the game of life', great, cool let's check it out, you just can not wait to play this sucker, right ?. Except theres no damn manual, the only instructions are written in chinese, or worse a bunch of weird symbols, you set down to play yet no-one has a clue what the weird little square things with dots on them do, maybe your supposedly to eat them? who knows. You get the point, so how do I play the game of life?

Honestly ?, I have no idea,

I'm still trying to decipher the chinese manual,

Call me sometime in the next century and I might have an answer,

But I would not count on it.


Ok, the game of life, can be pretty fun, and honestly I'm not knocking it, but just sometimes it's good to
be able to laugh at yourself or the world, and maybe not take things too seriously. After all it's just a game, right? …

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