Navigating the World of Plus Size Fashions

Curvier women tend to take heart a lot of misconceptions about plus size fashions – everything from wearing only the loosest fabrics to sticking with black colored outfits. This does not have to be the case at all. There are some great plus size clothes to be found out there, and it does not matter if you are a size 14 or more. Here are some unique tips on how to choose plus sized clothing that will actually flatter your body.

Black does not have to be the color of the day – or week, or month or year; nor does it have to be the main color theme of the clothes in your wardrobe. You can choose any color you fancy, as long as the cut of the clothes will provide you that slimmer dimension. Monotone colored outfits are especially appealing since these give you that uniform looking silhouette. Choose rich blues, or dark greens or extremely light yellows and pristine whites. These colors usually provide a refreshing look to your persona. However, it is also necessary to choose the best colors that will suit your skin tone, your hair color and even the color of your eyes. There are just some colors that do not look good on you, regardless of how much you weigh. Try to avoid these colors if possible.

It has also been said time and time again that over sized prints and patterns on your clothes can put on the illusion of added weight. That remains true even today. This does not mean though that you should not buy printed plus size clothing anymore. You can, of course. But try to keep the prints to medium and small sized ones instead.

Also, you can choose clothes that have print designs on areas that you do not wish to accentuate. For example: you want attention diverted from a belly pooch. You might want to choose a top with printed designs on its neckline or sleeve hems. If your problem areas are your tush and thighs, you may want to skip jeans with colorful stitching on the back pockets and on the sides. Choose prints at the hem of the jeans instead.

One other way of diverting attention from curvier areas is to accessorize. Try to choose bold accessories that can easily draw a person’s focus. For example: a nice pair of earrings can make a person look at your face and even have a slimming effect on your neck and shoulder area. A large colorful bracelet can encourage focus on your arms and hands. A nicely draped scarf can keep one’s attention on the upper torso, as opposed to the bottom half of the body. As with choosing printed clothing, accessories should be in the mid and small sized categories only and should not overwhelm your overall look.

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