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Education – Standardized Testing

In an effort to improve education, especially in the United States, standardized testing has been instituted. But does it really work? This overview is not intended to answer the question of whether or not standardized testing works but to present both sides of the argument both for an against it. […]

Seven Continuous Trends in Education

In this next decade of the 21st Century, a good, well rounded education could have the difference between developing future or a future dependent on low wage employment, and periods of unemployment. One reason the current boom in private and on-line education is one sector that continues to expand. What […]

What is True Education?

"Education Is one of the chief obstacles to intelligence and freedom of thought." Bertrand A. Russell (1872-1970) English philosopher, mathematician, and writer. I would like to touch on the subject of education. As you are all probably getting familiar with my columns, it is not going to be a traditional […]

Education and Islam

Islam is the religion of peace, and it is one of the most sacred and trustworthy religions, which has given us guidance in every aspect of life. Islam has given us education with knowledge which has no limits. The Holy Quran is the most sacred book of Allah revealed on […]

Why is Education Necessary?

Every human being needs oxygen to survive in the world. Education is as important as this because education gives people the knowledge and skills they require. Education is important to people of all ages and it has no limit. Children require education in order for them to learn how to […]