How to Tell If an SEO Article Service Will Really Deliver Long Term Results

Why use an article service to create custom SEO articles rather than writing them yourself? What are the benefits of using a professional SEO article service as far as your business is concerned? At first glance it may seem that paying someone to write articles on the topic of your business is illegally to get you very far, but you'd be wrong. At least, you'd be wrong if you looked at the top article writing services on the web. But be warned, there are more low quality article writers than high quality ones out there, and there's a world of difference between the two. So what are the benefits, and how can you spot an SEO article writing service that's likely to give you value for money, and results which will affect positively on your sales figures?

The first article services to avoid are advertising using PPC or Pay Per Click sponsored adverts. Why? Simple – if they can really deliver results, creating high quality SEO articles which will power their way to the top of the search engines results pages, then surely they should have their site listed at the top of the results pages without having to pay for it to be there? It's a little like a BMW salesman using a Mercedes to get about – it makes you question whether the goods he's selling are so wonderful if he does not use them himself. If an article writing service can not even get their own website to the top of the search results pages, then how are you expected to believe they'll be able to get your own business there?

Several article writing services I know of display screenshots of Google, apparently showing their website near the top of the search results for major keyword searches. This might look good, except that if you actually carry out that keyword search, their website does not appear anywhere! How did they manage that then? There are two methods – one misleading and one downright lie. The first method that use is to briefly boost their website so that it appears near the top of the search results pages, take a screenshot, and then forget it. It can sometimes be easy to get a website to briefly appear near the top of the results pages. A new website and a big rush of SEO articles can make a site pop to the top. The problem is that just hours later it starts to sink into oblivion. This is no good for your business. You need an article service which gives you long term results – getting your site to the top, and keeping it there.

The second way in which screenshots can mislead is if they have been completely falsified. It is perfectly easy to take a screenshot of the page one results for a keyword, then find your site languishing somewhere on page ninety nine, and use an image editing program to cut and paste your site so that it looks to be at the top of the results. The bottom line is this – when evaluating online article writing services, do not rely on what they tell you, but what they show you through results. Screenshots and other claims do not always tell the full story. If you want to find an SEO article service that is trustworthy, do a keyword search, and then leave it a week. If the company is still towards the top of the first page after a week, then the chances are it's a business driven by long term results and stability.

A keyword search for 'article service' on Google generates 712 million sites. There are several sponsored adverts from SEO article writing services that can not even get their own site into page one without having to pay Google for it! Then there's an article service at the top position above Harvard University's article service – which demonstrates a pretty good standing in the community of the web! Similarly a search for 'SEO article service' generates 16 million results, with a dozen paid adverts! Remember – a company that can deliver real results, and long term results will never need to pay to appear at the top of the search results pages. Ignore the claims, ignore the screenshots and ignore the sponsored lists – if you want results, look at the results.

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