Some Important Methods to Get Higher Rankings and Maintain the Rankings in Search Engines

Every online marketer desires for a top place in search engines. Every search engine has different algorithms for rankings, but there are a few things that are common to all and are very beneficial to achieve better search engine placements.

No Quick Fix
There are no hasty remedies in attaining high rankings in search engines. It will take time for your efforts to bear fruits. Here, it is imperative to develop and implement a SEO strategy before starting optimizing your website.

Keywords are the most significant part of search engine optimization and keyword research is the preliminary step in the SEO process.

Do not spend time on keywords with high competition, target high potential or focused keywords. Use key phrases of 2-3 words instead of using a single keyword, this way you make a search more specific and easy for visitors.
Some of the good tools for keyword research are: Wordtracker, Google AdWords, SEObook, etc.

Meta Data
Create Meta title tags and description tags; write the essence of the website with the targeted keywords in it. This is the only other part of the results you have any control over. Google will also highlight the keywords in here that match the search query. Remember to keep it descriptive and readable.

Domain Names
If you can, try and include your main keywords in your domain name. Google will highlight them when they match the search query. This can give your ranking a little boost bcause it will show that your website is relevant to the search query.

Quality Content
Content is still the king. Write quality content on your website. It should be meaningful, relevant, grammatically correct and informative. From SEO perspective, include the targeted keywords, but make sure keyword density does not go beyond 3% of the entire content. Use targeted keywords in the headings, initial text of the content and sprinkle them in- between.

Link Building
Today, the most successful way to enhance your rankings is link popularity. Try to get as many one-way links as you can. Although two-way links are good, but weightage is given to non-reciprocal links. Write articles; submit them to article directories, social media sites, etc .; you can also write blogs, but do not forget to include a brief author's biography which should incorporate links to your website.

Reciprocal linking can easily be attained. You may not get desired results initially; Once you gain a better page rank, the process will be easy for you. Always exchange links with relevant site. Hundreds of irrelevant links will not help you in anyway. Check out the history of the website sending you links for link exchange program.

Submitting Site To DMOZ
Submit your website to DMOZ because several search engines including Googles use DMOZ results in their organic results. Your website may rank without its presence in it but there are chances of receiving more backlinks with DMOZ.

Create Blogs
Start writing blogs on your website. Google gives weight to blogs as they contain good amount of content and are consistently updated. Incorporate stories, articles or anything relevant to your website, if the information is liked by visitors, they will return back for more and link to you.

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