Types of Photography


In this post we will explore different types of photography. There are several different directions one can go in with photography. You can even specialize in one or more of them if you like. Some types of photography will be discussed below.

There has been color film for many years for cameras. Most of the time people opt for a color photograph to be taken of themselves at their weddings, for portraits or for pictures that they take for their own pleasure. But, black and white photos also have their place in photography.

Black and white photographs can appear just as beautiful as if the pictures were taken in color. Black and white film creates shadows and shades that actually different colors, but look more mysterious in black and white. The lighting in the picture can also stand out more in a black and white photo with every difference difference in lighting noticeable. Black and white film has its place in photography and will continue to remain there.

Another type of photography would be fashion photography. This type of photography has been in existence for a long time. With this type you will have the opportunity to take pictures in both color and black and white. With this type of photography you will have a chance to take pictures of people as well as objects such as shoes, clothes, accessories, etc. To become a fashion photographer you will be a professional photographer, so you will need to learn as much as you can to create a portfolio and then a reputation for being a successful photographer. It may be something to aspire to.

An interesting type of photography is glamor photography. Black and white film works very well with this type of photography. It is meant to be alluring and sexy, not pornographic. The model can be nude, but delicate body parts are hidden. The model can also be fully clothed in an outfit that is meant to be sexy. This type of photography emphasizes a romantic feel rather than the type of picture that you will find in a magazine such as Playboy, so if you are interested in this type of photography you will not be creating a pornographic scene. This might be more comfortable for you if you like to take erotic pictures, but do not want to be too outrageous.

The subjects that you choose to specialize in can be interesting and fun such as with fashion and glamor photography. Explore what would be best for you.


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