Get $ 100 Per SEO Article – How to Become a Highly Paid SEO Writer

SEO copywriting is an exploding niche. There are SEO writers routinely bill $ 25 to $ 100 per SEO article, or more. So then, why are there so many freelance writers who still struggle and take on $ 3 per article article writing gigs? Because they lack the following:

3 Keys to Becoming a $ 100 Per Article SEO Writer

1. Marketing Skills: Many SEO copywriters go to job boards that list poor-paying SEO article writing gigs because they do not know how to market. Going to job boards is easy. After all, it's where many of the jobs are. But, the lucrative SEO article writing gigs can not be found on job boards – you have to ferret them out for yourself. This means learning how to marketing effectively.

2. Confidence: Many writers lack confidence in their skills. Thus, they find it hard to negotiate with clients. When you know that you're good at what you do – and especially in a high-tech niche like SEO – you negotiate from a position of power. This means you command higher rates – because you know you're worth it.

3. Negotiating Skills: Speaking of negotiating skills, keeping the following in mind: clients pay not for the 400-600 word SEO articles for their bottom line.

They may be selling a product or service that is worth thousands – and using your SEO copywriting skill to do it. Many who hire SEO writers either do not have the time or skill to do their own writing. This means they need you as much as you need them. They're not hiring you, they're partnering with you. Always tune into this info when you're negotiating rates.

Have not a clue as to what SEO article writing is? Read on.

What Is SEO Article Writing?

Basically writing articles with specific phrases that clients give you. FYI, SEO stands for search engine optimization. For example, if you owned a website that sold carpet, you would want a lot of articles with phrases like "carpet cleaning"; "carpet stains"; "carpet stores"; etc. on your site.

So, the client will email me and say, "May I have 3 articles with the keyword phrases (that's what these phrases are called)" carpet cleaning ";" carpet stains "; and" carpet stores. "Make each article 400-500 words each, please.

You would write then write the articles on anything you want around these keyword phrases, ensuring that you repeat the keyword phrase at least 7-10 times. This helps drive traffic to the webmaster's site (it's called keyword density).

That's SEO article writing in a nutshell. And, there are millions of websites that need this type of writing. The amazing thing for those who know how to write this kind of copy (SEO writers / copywriters) is that there is very little competition because the field is so new.

Becoming a $ 100 per article SEO writer is not hard, if you learn how to market, have confidence in your skills and learn do some research on SEO (it's not rocket science, I promise!).

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