The Muller Technique: Old School Fitness for the New You


Nowadays all one has to is get on the Internet, search new fitness regimen and in seconds be bombarded with the latest celebrity endorsements, reality TV shows on losing weight and my personal favorite, crazy home shopping network products (you know, I'm talking about you Shake Weight). All of which dangle the promise that those extra pounds you put on over Christmas – but if you're really being honest you'll admit that the Holidays got nothing to do with it – will be a thing of the past.

And with all emphasis put into all things new, all things cutting-edge, I bet you've never thought of hitting the history books to find the answer to all your weight loss problems have you?

In the early 20th century JP Muller invented the Muller technique which he aimed to turn "weaklings" into strong men and women. And just like he traveled to the future, JP Muller promised that all you need for his technique to work is 15 minutes of your time everyday. Nothing more, nothing less.

Who is Muller?

Jorgen Peter Muller is probably one of Denmark's most popular export next to Hans Christian Anderson. But Muller is selling a different kind of fairy tale transformation as seen in his sports and exercise book My System. He would be unpopular with the church because he would urge those following his technique to do it in the buff, adding that the naked body is favorable to God as he made man as such. Well, that and he wrote another book called Morals, Sex, and Happiness in which he encourages pre-marital sex among unmarried couples.

What is the Muller Technique?

In an article written by Sarah Wildman for, she writes about the Muller Technique surviving in modern times through loyal followers like her father, who learned from his father, and so on.

The Muller Technique was developed to keep the rowing team Muller associated to fit during the off season. In which he takes pride that it's not only for building strength and stamina but also for keeping one's body healthy. A claim which was supported by scientific merits which earned it immediate approval from those in the Medical Profession.

As Wildman describes, the Muller Technique is like Pilates's distant cousin in that it incorporates a lot of stretching to tighten and tone the muscles with no help from any apparatus such as dumbbells or chest-expanders. The moves are very graceful like in ballet, but do not be fooled they are very hard to perform. So much so that when he reprinted the My System he included milder versions of the exercises so that everyone can lose belly fat whatever their fitness level is.

Does it work?

Wildman's father would say yes. And quite frankly it shows. The 60 year-old physician needless to say is fit. But also the history for My System proves it as the book has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide when it was in circulation. It was also a mandatory regimen for British Soldiers during World War I which was later followed by the French Army, making the Muller technique a part of their training.


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