5 Confidence Techniques to Super-Charge Your Fitness Program


The power of the mind is a difficult thing to forgive for some. But if you are able to harness the potential energy and unleashed it from your mind a lot can be accomplished towards reaching your fitness goals. Below are five ways to mobilize the confidence to take action and see your goals become reality.

  • Talk to Reinforce Goals
  • Add Emotional Content:
  • Envision Your Accomplishment:
  • Make Plans:
  • Take Action:

Talk to Reinforce Goals: Immediately upon committing to a fitness program start building your self up by talking in very specific terms. "I will lose 10 pounds in 8 weeks and I will enjoy myself doing it." Or "I will be able to run the 10k race from start to finish." When you hear the words coming out of your own mouth it will have a positively substantial effect on your mind. Do not hesitate to share with others what your fitness goals are either.

Add Emotional Content: Sit down for a few moments and quiet your mind, feel what it is going to be like when you accomplish the goals you have set before you. Connect pleasurable emotions with accomplishing all the objectives you have planned. The more pleasurable feelings you can muster up the better, your mind will begin to associate great feelings and begin to move toward the goal as something desirable. Replay these positive feelings in your mind daily.

Envision Your Accomplishment: In your mind's eye envision what you will look like after you have lost the 10 pounds or when you cross the finish line at the 10k race. See the crowding clapping and cheering for the great accomplishment you have achieved or your family complimenting you on your figure. Visualize as much positive reaction from others as you can. The mind will get the picture and mobilize the energy you need to bring it into reality.

Make Plans: Begin to make plans as if the goal has already been implemented. Go out and buy that new pair of jeans you want-in the new size. Look around for some new outfits that you will be wearing when you realize what you have set your mind to. Put the new outfits in a place where you can periodically see them and look forward to enjoying them.

Take Action: Move forward in a way that tells your mind the certainty that your goal is going to be accomplished. Create an ease about the challenge when moving forward and take the steps that will be necessary to achieve your goal. Let the goal pull you toward it as you take the necessary steps to also move toward the goal.

It will be a very difficult task to move to that which you see and feel as negative or painful. Negative energy will stop you in your tracks. Your mind will resist every effort every step of the way because it is sensing pain. Your mind will not move you toward situations that that is convinced will cause you more pain. Change your mind by what you feed it. Teach it what is positive by what you feed it. Get your priorities in order and get your mind to work for you instead.


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