Social Networking Vs Search Engine Optimization


Ask yourself these questions – Why would I want more website traffic via networking sites, are not Search Engines enough? How can social networking websites help increase the number of hits to my website more than Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Social Networking is a great way for new or existing companies to gain an online presence, with a minimal outlay of revenue and, in some cases, even overnight success!

Social Networking sites can bring many visitors and potential clients to your site in a short space of time, helping you expand your client base and potentially increasing sales of your products and services at little or no extra cost to you.

Your website should have unique and informative content, keeping the user interested in your services or products. This can include giving helpful free advice, facts, using blogs, forums and links to other useful websites that your visitors will enjoy. Add signature links to forums and links to your website on your social networking profile.

Establish yourself as an online 'Expert' in your particular field by answering peoples questions, giving good, sound, advice, and recommending products and services, not only just your own. This will take a little time but, once you have built a good, reliable, reputation, people will come directly to you for advice and to use your services. You are established as an 'Expert' in your field! – Thus increasing beneficial website traffic to your site.

Other benefits of Social Networking – Is it a place for business professionals too?

Social Networking is not just for 'Business-to-Consumer' but it's also beneficial in building "Business-to-Business" relationships for business professionals too. Once you are established online, it's easy to find companies and people with the similar interests and goals that will compliment your services. You can then share advice and leads, which will eventually increase your revenue and service portfolio.

Business Networking Benefits – The days of the traveling salesman are going, with most business in the 21st Century being connected on line. When online you are able to judge a person's level of knowledge, skills and kindness and you will be able to see the benefits this person can bring to your company and whether you can ever work with them.

To summarize – Social networking in a business sense, is today's way of attracting potential clients and interest to your site because of your specialized knowledge and skills. Combining this with SEO will develop a positive sense of helping people who appreciate your advice and will increase the number of meaningful hits to your website.


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