Computer Maintenance 101


Today, having a computer is more than an option. It is now a necessity. Almost every transaction today needs a computer. Communication and research are also done using a computer as well. Having a computer at home or in the office makes things a lot easier for everyone.

Of course, having a computer comes with maintenance. Buying a desktop or a laptop will cost money and the best way to make the most out of it is to take maintenance procedures in order to prolong the life of the computer.

Basically, a computer system comes with two components namely the hardware and software. The hardware refers to the tangible part of the computer which could be used to input or output data. An example of this is the keyboard and the printer. The software refers to the set of programs that command the hardware to perform specific functions. For example, there are programs intended for the operating system of the computer such as Windows. There are also those for photo editing and the video editing.

An effective computer maintenance plan focuses on the two components. For the hardware part, keeping the hardware clean and away from dirt must always be remembered. A lot of hardware malfunctions because of the dirt and dust that have entered inside it. Parts that need cleaning in order to function well include the screen of the monitor, nozzles of the ink cartridge for your printer, and surfaces of the central processing unit as well as the automatic voltage regulator.

As for the software, the computer must have a stable and reliable security system. This means that there must be an anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware program installed. All these programs protect the computer from attacks that could endanger not just the system but also the privacy of the users.

Software programs get updated from time to time. Make sure that the operating system & software installed are up to date – however keep in mind most programs do this automatically. This is especially true for security software programs as these are usually updated everyday to ensure updated security and protection.

Aside from the maintenance in the components, being careful when using the computer is part of the maintenance. Scan attachments before opening them. The same thing goes for downloads. Do not go to unsecured sites as most of these sites house viruses and worms that could infect the system

These are just few of the things necessary for computer maintenance. Make your computer work for a long time with these simple ways.


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