Somali Music Ban


Somalia in turmoil

Have you ever been to Somalia, if not then you will be amazed to learn that Somali music has been banned in that country? As a matter of fact, listening to any sort of music be it native or any other will end you in deep trouble. This is because the Islamic militia griping the country considers listening to music an “act against god”.

Who cares about Somalia?

We always here news and stories about ships being pirated and held for ransom. We do not however know about what else goes in that country, this is simply because these stories never make the headlines as they are too trivial in nature because most of the time, these stories no not even concern us. Against the very bad publicity of Somalia in relation to genocide and pirates, the country has no effective government and most part of the Somali nation is controlled by the Islamic militia. In addition, the world has turned its back against the nation that no longer means anything to anyone.

Somali Music ban

The nation of Somalia is thought to be at war not only with the world but also with its self. The Islamic militia has taken over large sections of not only the capital Mogadishu but large territories that have given them extreme powers to implement such drastic and draconian laws. People are too afraid to venture into musical shows. Although there are some government controlled radio stations that broadcast music but privately owned radio stations are too afraid too do so due to fear of reprisals.

The solution is in the hands of the African nation to tackle this evil menace of the music ban. A country known for its musical heritage and contribution to African music faces a music ban.


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