Where We'd Be Today Without Education

Education is one of the most important things we can give our children today. Without education we would not have some of the greatest technology nor have some medical mysteries solved. People who have continued their education into college have earned more money than those with just high school diplomas. They educate them and those around them. They work hard to improve their lives and contribute to the economy. We would not have many things that we have today if it was not for a certain person going to college and increasing their knowledge on a specific subject.

We might be lost without education because it is that important to us. Poverty is contributed to people who have not continued their education and advanced themselves. Many people can not work at jobs without a high school diploma or advanced degree; therefore, they are only limited to minimum wage jobs that can barely help them to pay their bills and afford their daily necessities. Those with educational backgrounds may not find a very high paying job, but they have more opportunities to their disposal. They can make more money than the minimum wage and afford to pay their bills and afford the necessities of life and then some.

Education is very important to the world because it advances the economy and allows its people to advance in their lives. Those with science and mathematical degrees have worked with NASA, the government and other organizations to make technology better. People with Liberal Arts degrees help those learn the English language and write textbooks for school systems. They also write the news and change our views on life with novels, short stories and poems. Historians study the past and inform us on our ancients and how we far we have come and advanced ourselves today. Education is very important, no matter what subject matter you address.

Thousand of years ago, people did not have school systems and the ability to obtain college degrees; however, they used their knowledge and trial and error to create and advance their lives. As the many years have passed and an educational system was created, people have gained the knowledge to change the world in more ways than before. New equations, methods and tests were done to learn new things about life. This work still goes on today because we are not done learning. There is still so much more to know and learn in this life, and that is why it is important that we educate our children. They are the future, and who knows, maybe one of the children you see in the street may just be the person to cure cancer or win a Nobel Peace Prize for their work.

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