How Do I Know If I Need Computer Glasses?


Do you need to wear glasses while reading a book? Do the words blur in front of your eyes while you read? If you have answered yes then in all probability you need computer glasses too.

Reading glasses help you read the work from a distance of 12 inches. Here if you continue to use your reading glasses for your work at the computer then firstly, you will have to station your head at a distance of 12 inches away from the monitor. Also, now you will have to work at the system which screen is brighter than the page of any book could be. Of course in the normal course of one's work one tends to work longer hours at the computer. So, imagine the amount of eye fatigue you are instrumental in causing to your eyes without even being fully aware of it.

Traditionally people had more work that was related to writing or reading things than a book or a newspaper. Nowadays, all the offices too are paperless and everything is done on the system. One does not get a chance to shift one's eyes away from the computer monitor. There is no home or office without a computer, they have become indispensable. But, think of the damage that they might be causing to your eyes. Staring at the system for long hours, the bright colors, the small print and the constant upright post will all take a toll one fine day. Before that happens why do not you opt for a pair of computer glasses to shield your eyes from this onslaught?

The right time for you to opt for a pair of computer glasses is when you feel the strain on your eyes. Your eyes become extremely sensitive to light. They seem dry and you feel like rubbing them in disbelief most of the times. Beside this you may get headaches after working at the system for a while. All these symptoms go ahead to hint at Computer Vision Syndrome which can be eased out with the use of computer glasses.

People who have normal vision can sit as far as 18 to 24 inches away from the screen and work at the computer. But, computer glasses allow you to sit at a proper distance from the screen so that the text is clear and also the background. This causes less strain and fatigue on your eyes.

As time progresses and more people realize the damage caused to their eyes by working at the system you will read more and more about the uses of computer glasses. Computer glasses are not heavily priced since you will be paying a small amount to secure eyesight for years to come. Once problems set in then it might be difficult to over them. As, this is in the nascent stage not many people have even heard of computer glasses. Go and get yourself a pair and you will have a grateful pair of eyes for sure.


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