The Long Episode Wait

The wide eye syndrome

Why do we get so caught up in hit television series and soap operas? Why the addiction? It sucks up valuable time out of an already busy schedule; we absolutely are glued to our seats when the show begins. We crave escaping the rat race even if it only lasts for a short duration. We accept them as family members, we talk about them as if they are real, can not wait for the next episode, the next season.

While these series characters come alive in our homes, we see ourselves within the characters, we feel their joy, sadness, we share their tears, and we fear with them, we embrace their television life, we share their passion, their romance. We idolize these stars, we dream escape of the rat racing everyday life, and we seek the thrill, that something out of the ordinary. After all in these uncertain times we all need to sit on the couch take a breath, let the character live through us, feel more like the star, less than yourself. Thus allowing you to be the hero or villain without any repercussions.

After the show stops reality strikes, we crave for more, we speculate. What's next? Everyday common life prevails until next time. Dream on while we continue our wait for the next episode, the next series the next plot. It's crazy we tell you! Whoever you are before you can say celebrity, you will adopt a few characters, the addiction begins. What are they up to now? How will this season end? Reality strikes.

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