What Will Fail Your SEO Campaign Though You Rank No 1 in Google


All companies that strive to rank in Google top ten often forget a very important thing to complete their SEO campaign. They tend to focus only on top 10, but actually there is one more marketing strategy that if they fail to notice, it will just be in vain no matter how good their websites rank in Search Engine.

So, what is that "special" thing? That is your product or your service's uniqueness or why you are different compared to your competitors. In today's ultra-competitive business climate, showing up as Google top ten is not enough because there are other nine competitive websites. You need to make sure that your potential buyers will buy from you, not from those other nine competitive websites.

Imagine this scenario. Your company ranks very well in Google for your desired keyword. Let's say it ranks at no. 2 for "business software" keyword. Unfortunately, when a potential buyer searches through that keyword, he found out that your software has no value for him and he feels that your competitors (the other nine websites that appear on the same page as yours) offer better solutions (sometimes better price, better features, etc.). Who do you think will he buy from?

You see, SEO is just like any other marketing strategies. There's no point to be in Google top ten if the other nine websites have better advantages or benefits compared to your offer. You need to do a little research about who your competitors are for your targeted keywords, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and then how you will differentiate your service or product before you appear on page 1 Google.

Relying solely on SEO campaign to increase your company sales is not a good strategy in my point of view. You may start from it, but do not depend primarily on it. You need to take it a little further, for examples are strengthening your sales force to nurture the leads you obtained from search engine, enhancing your product or service quality, having strong Unique Selling Proposition (USP), etc. Remember, SEO is not a zero-free competition strategy.


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