How to Stop Your Computer Getting Spyware

If you want to stop your computer from getting infected with spyware you should choose one or more of the three options listed below. Spyware is a virus but does not directly affect your computer although it is most likely that your computer will slow down if infected. To make sure you and your computer is spyware free follow these steps:

Do not give out your personal information even email to an unknown or dodgy looking site. If you have never heard of them and they claim to be a large company or website make sure you search their name on google. Every time you pass over you details when signing up to a website you are at risk, although trusted websites will never share your info there are hundreds and thousands of websites set up to get your personal info and then attack you. Recently I was stupid enough to sign up to a website then was given an option of receiving free gifts. As most people do I choose to be in the draw to win them and now my email gets 50+ spam emails a day from these "free offers". Even though this is spam it is the same principal. This is the easiest way to make sure spyware does not get to your computer.

Download a free spyware program or get a free scan. Most of the leading spyware programs offer free surveys and because over 90% of PC's are infected they usually find something and then the customer will buy the program to get rid of it. The same goes with free programs, indeed they want you to buy something off you and it is a marketing technique, but you do not have to buy their product and can just keep the free program for as long as you like. There have been reports however that these programs do not actually do that much, apparently they just sit there and tell you that you have spyware and do not remove it.

Buy a Spyware removal program . This is my recommendation and doing step number one is a must. If you have a good spyware removal program and are careful who you give information to spyware should not be a problem for you. There are many great spyware removal programs out there and I have reviewed them at How To Remove Adware Spyware [].

Spyware is a removable program that you can deal with in 2 ways as mentioned above and to help avoid getting spyware make sure you follow step 1.

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