Direct TV Differentiates Itself From The Competition


On the surface, a lot of television service providers look the same. They all obviously provide television and claim to offer the best service, most channels, and most sophisticated technology. But one television service provider stands out above the rest. That television service provider is Direct TV.

So how exactly does Direct TV beat out the competition? It does it by distinguishing itself from the competition. The most noticeable distinction between it and most of it's competitors is that it's a satellite TV service and most other TV services deliver their television programming using cable technology. Satellite television technology provides a huge number of benefits to customers that cable TV simply can not provide. For one thing, a satellite TV service like Direct TV provides many more channels than any cable television company can. Satellite TV can also supply High Definition Television Programming much more easily than any cable service. In fact Direct TV provides just as many HDTV channels as the best cable TV companies at a fraction of the price. A satellite television company can also provide service over a much larger geographic area than a cable TV company, so if you decide to move, you can have the same programming package at your new home that you had at the old one. You can even get satellite television out in very isolated rural areas. This simply is not possible with cable TV because cable networks generally do not extend outside of medium sized towns.

Direct TV differentiates itself from other satellite TV providers by the level of customer service it contains and the type of programming it provides. All of the company's customer service representatives are courteous and professional and extremely interested in making sure that you receive the best television experience possible. You can also get programming that other satellite television companies simply do not offer. For example, Direct TV is the only source for sports programming like NFL Sunday Ticket which supplies you with all of the great football action that comes with every game over the course of the regular football season.

Other satellite TV providers also can not provide the same huge programming packages. For example, Total Choice is Direct TV's entry level programming package and still has over one hundred and fifty five channels! An entry level programming package that's larger than the maximum number of channels that most cable TV companies can provide is unheard of with the exception of Total Choice!

Another big difference between Direct TV and all other television service providers is that it has significantly more subscribers than any other service provider. This is beneficial to individual subscribers because the more subscribers a company has, the more the costs of running the company can be spread out. Because this particular company currently has fifteen point six million subscribers, it can keep costs extremely low and pass on the savings to its customers. With the kind of financial resources generated by nearly sixteen million subscribers, a company can perform really expensive upgrades, like launching more satellites, without having to raise any rates.

Beside all of the advantages that come along with Direct TV's programming and the choice to use satellite technology, the company also has the advantage of providing the most user friendly interactive software available anywhere in the form of the on screen program guide. The on screen program guide is indispensable when it comes to managing hundreds of channels of great programming.

All of these factors contribute to making Direct TV stand out from the crowd and giving it true superior over the competition.


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