Keywords Are Important For SEO But So Are Some Other Things!


Finding good keyword phrases is VERY important, VERY, VERY important to the success or failure of your website. But, there is also another thing you should be focusing on (actually 2 things) when you are promoting your website …

1. Focus on your name

Whether you choose to use your real name or a pen name (fake name to keep yourself hidden) it is important to promote the name with your website. This is because if someone comes to your website and does not remember the name of the product or your website name, maybe they will remember the name that was on the site. So promoting either your real name or your pen name would then have great placement in the search engines should they look for you via that method. Make sure you place your name in the section of your site, as well as on the page itself.

2. Focus on the product name

This one may be a given for some of you, but many people have told me that they find keyword phrases and promote them, but do not actually promote the name of the product. You should always promote the product name, always! This would be for the same reason as promoting your name … if people do not remember your website name or your name, maybe they will remember the product name. Again, make sure you place this in the "head" section of your website, as well as on the page itself.

In addition to promoting these two items on your webpage, you will also want to promote them on other sites when you are linking to your webpage. Simply use both your name (or pen name) and the product name in the anchor text when you are promoting your website. By doing this, you are covering more angles to have your website listed high in the search engines therefore creating more traffic for you!

Go promote your website … keep promoting … be consistent and you will be able to achieve and maintain great search engine placement for a long time to come!


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