The Greatest Ridley Scott Movies Of All Time


Any time I am discussing my favorite directors, one person who is definitely worthy of mentioning is Ridley Scott. There really aren’t any movies from this legendary director that I don’t enjoy. Both Ridley and Tony Scott have directing in their blood, and it truly shows with the quality of their films.

While it is tough to narrow it down, this article will discuss my favorite Ridley Scott movies.

One of the most iconic films that Ridley Scott directed was without a doubt, Thelma and Louise. This film starred Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon as the renegades Thelma and Louise, respectively. If you haven’t seen this film and are a fan of either of these actresses, you must.

Black Hawk Down is another great Ridley Scott film. This is one of the few films that depicts war in Africa so well. This movie just has such a real feel to it, not to mention an amazing cast in Josh Hartnett, Eric Bana, Ewan McGregor and Tom Sizemore.

Gladiator is definitely my favorite Ridley Scott film of any. This movie is just awesome. From the first battle scene out in the forest with the flaming fireballs, to the last scene in which…well I will not say for those who have not seen this movie.

Another one of the all time great Scott movies is Blade Runner. This classic film was released in 1982 and at the time of me writing this article, is ranked as the 113th best film of all time according to the Internet Movie Database.

Finally, a film that I feel the need to include in this article is Hannibal. I am a big fan of Silence Of The Lambs, and maybe the sequel wasn’t as good, but it was better than most sequels in my opinion. I thought Sir Ridley did the second film justice.

Did I miss one of your favorite Ridley Scott films? Honestly, I’m not surprised, as most of his films are great.


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