DVD Copy Software – What You Should Know Before You Buy


So you figure that it's time to get yourself DVD Copy Software to copy and backup your DVD movie collection. You've invested a lot of your hard earned money in your DVD movie collection and want to keep it safe. DVD Copy software will help you do this. There is a wide variety of DVD Copy software available. Some is excellent and some, to be absolutely clear, is crap. So what separates the good from the not so good? Consider the following before buying DVD Copy software.

The Feature Set:

1. Compression

The DVD Copy software must have the ability to compress a DVD9 to a DVD5. What does that mean you may be ask. Here's a little more info. Most movies are recorded to a DVD9 which is a DVD disc that can hold about 9 GB of data. Most recordable DVD discs are DVD5 and they can hold about 4.7 GB of data. So how do you get more than 4.7 GB of data onto a 4.7GB disc. You guessed it! By compressing the data, which in this case, is the movie. So the ability to compress is a must.

2. Be Able To Choose Content To Copy

The software must allow the user to determine the content they want to copy to a certain degree. You may want to copy just the main movie and not the bonus material then the software should allow you to do this. This is the least the DVD Copy software should allow you to choose.

3. Support for Episodic Discs

All our favorite TV shows, both current and times past are now available on DVD. That's why it's important for DVD Copy software to be able to copy these "Episodic Discs". Some DVD Copy software may have issues backing up these discs because of the way the data is recorded to the disc. The better programmed DVD Copy products can overcome this issue.
The above features, as well as others, are the ones to keep in mind when shopping for DVD Copy software.

User Friendliness:

The software must be user friendly. This is even more true for beginners. The layout of the screen should not be cluttered or confusing. A minimum number of clicks should get you on your way to backing up your DVD movie. Some software makers are better at doing this than others.

Copy Quality:

As we've seen before, to be able to compress content is important in any DVD Copy software. The quality of the compression is varies between software. The programming that does the compression determines the quality of the final output. This program is known as the "compression engine". The better written the compression engine, the better the end result.

Update Frequency:

Movies are coming quickly to DVD discs after they're done in the cinemas. Some of these discs have what's known as irregular disc structure. Disc "structure" is the way data is arranged on the disc. Sometimes this structure is not normal, so for this reason the DVD Copy software need to be updated to deal with it. Some publishers produce very frequent updates, while others let things pile up before they do so. I prefer the former.

Customer Support:

Customer support, needless to say is extremely important. You do not want to wait around for you problem to be resolved. Unfortunately this is where many manufacturers do not make the grade. Only a good offer offer good support. When a software publishers offer good customer support, it tells you that they care about their customers and this shines through the quality of the product.

The information above, when applied, will help you in making the right choices when purchasing DVD Copy Software.


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