Grievance Software and Labor Unions – Moving Forward

More and more local labor unions are showing up on the Internet. At the advent of commercialized Internet well over a decade ago, many labor unions were slow to adopt the new technology. This could be attributed to the fact that many union officials' had successfully managed the business of their respective unions successfully without the use of these technologies. After all, it seemed the Internet brought forth so many technologies that it was almost overwhelming at first.

However, a new trend is moving through labor union organizations in the current decade and it has been hugely successful. More and more local unions are going online and even starting to outsource certain technologies to specialized technological organizations that exclusively service labor union organizations.

One such movement is the outsourcing of grievance tracking software. There are a handful of software vendors which unions contract with in order to efficiently file and track union grievances. These vendors have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on building this grievance software so the unions will not have to and to ensure the data integrity of union members. The unions utilize this Internet grief system offered by the software vendor and never have to manage any "in-house" hardware or software.

The web-based grievance tracking tools allow the unions to automate the grievance process from step 1 through arbitration. The unions can even scan and upload all relevant grievance documents and attach them directly to each individual grievance. Typically, in these web-based systems, multiple users are allowed to access the grievance database with their own unique User ID and Password. Also, different users are given different levels of control, ranging from a "system administrator" to a "read only" user.

Research your own grief software and see if it compares to:

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