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Duosonic was determined to inject new life into its Mini-ITX motherboards. Duosonic already possesses dozens of years of manufacturing PC motherboards under its belt. Its redesigned Mini-ITX and DS965 series feature significantly improved functionality, speed, heat distribution and power consumption. The new designs are on par with ATX motherboards, pushing Mini-ITX technology to new heights in PC digital development. Duosonic Mini-ITX motherboards are the result of extensive research and development by a dedicated team of engineers.

In order to improve data and signal transmission efficiency, high precision computers were introduced to carry out the design and computing work. The structure of the PCB electric circuit board underwent rigorous modification and testing. Components applied to the motherboard were selected with the greatest care. Coupled with comprehensive functionality, full hardware support, extensive management capabilities and formidable performance, Mini-ITX motherboards have emerged as both the ideal workstation and the new favorite in home theater entertainment.

The revolutionary frames were designed by geometry experts who understood that the dimensions of the frame imputed heat distribution – knowing that an inefficient heat distribution system could result in severe losses of performance. Serious consideration was taken in positioning the hardware and cabling.

The DS-M1 uses an ultra light, especially-made metal outer covering, while the DS-M2 features a highly rigid double-decked structural design. The inner layer of both cases utilizes the DS-M1's ultra light outer covering, while the outer layer of each case is finished in a magnificent polished ebony coating with the added protection of reinforced fire retardant plastics. Apart from their sleek elegance and precision, the new cases also effectively dampen noise from radiating fans inside during operation. The layout of ports at the back of the frame has further been designed for user-friendliness, allowing even elementary DIY users to easily identify and plug in ports.

Catering to the demands of amateur HDMI home enthusiasts, the current lines of DS915HD and DS965HD-2G Duosonic Mini-ITX motherboards feature HDMI, V.1.3, 7.1 multi-channel analog AF and SPDIF coaxial digital AF output. With its highly configurable environment catering to a variety of hardware needs, the new motherboards allow each user to create a unique and personalized DIY Mini HTPC, promising a dazzling display of audio-visual enjoyment from the moment it connects.

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