Backpacks for School – First-day Jitters

Let’s face it; preparing for your child’s first day of school can be stressful on the whole family. For my kids, it doesn’t matter whether they’re starting a new school or going back to the same teachers and friends they knew last year, they are still a little nervous for the big day. One thing that helps ease the tension and anticipation of the first school day is the preparation of the backpack for school. My kids tend to be much more calm and excited about the first day of school if they’re involved in shopping for school supplies, planning lunch time meals and organizing their new school items in a unique school backpack that really suits their personalities – giving them the confidence to go back to school in style.

Unique School Backpacks

My 9-year old daughter is very “fashion-forward” and probably one of the pickiest fashion critics around! She’s always looking for exceptionally cute school backpacks to show her group of friends. Charms and iron-on patches are really popular with the kids right now, so I make sure to spend some time with my daughter personalizing her backpack. Of course, cute school backpacks with themes like ballet slippers or planetary patterns are still fun at this age, as well.

As for my eldest, a video game fanatic 13-year old boy who loves rock music, it’s a little easier finding a backpack he approves of. But most backpacks have become a little mundane for my son, so I try to add something special – like an iron-on of his favorite band – to make a more unique school backpack.

Whatever your child’s personality may be, here are some backpack tips to help make your child’s first day a breeze:

Health comes first. Remember that a backpack shouldn’t weigh more than 10% of your child’s body weight – and the shoulder straps (there should be two) must be padded.

Packing and organizing. I make sure my children know the importance of packing as light as possible and placing items towards the center of the bag so weight is distributed evenly. Keep supply items in appropriate sized, easily accessible compartments and pockets so your child isn’t fumbling around for something during class.

Getting the kids involved. Let the kids help you pick out their school supplies and backpacks for school. Whether you’re physically in the store or looking at cute school backpacks online, giving your kids the final purchasing decision can get them energized about school.

Include miscellaneous items. Required school supplies and a healthy lunch are the basic essentials for your child’s first day back to school. However, it’s always nice to include things like:

o Body spray or deodorant to keep them feeling fresh all day and a little less self- conscious (a must for my 13-year old boy)

o An extra strong bag with handles in case they are loaded with too many text books on the first day of school.

o Emergency numbers and if possible, a cell phone

o A special note of encouragement written by you!

Don’t hold back when it comes to getting your child excited about upcoming classes, the enthusiasm might last throughout the school year. It’s worked for me – now if only I could get my kids excited about homework (but that’s probably too much for any parent to accomplish)!

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